What Coffee Does to you

Here is a Jenna Marbles video. If you don’t know who she is you should check her out. She uploads a new video  every Wednesday. I love watching her videos when I am feeling a little sad. Her content is so random it makes me forget everything going on.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans! From Trader Joes, you can get Espresso Pillows! They are coffee beans covered with dark chocolate. A student in one of my classes introduced me to them and I have a new addiction. Also I noticed that people who don’t normally drink coffee, absolutely loved them!

Cous Cous

Cous Cous is a common dish from Northern Africa. You can put it with vegetables or  meat, but you should use some sort of seasoning on it because it is very bland. It can be a good thing, because you can flavor it to your liking. There are many options varieties you can use to